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Touch Bass with Alan was very different from any of the other entertainers that we see, so refreshing and fun! I would highly recommend bringing Alan in so that your community can ‘touch bass with Alan, too!


Caroline Hempleman, Life Enrichment Mgr,

The Grand at Twin Lakes


Your presentation was terrific. I could see you had the children captivated by the music and fascinated by the new things they were learning. The program was surely interesting and fun.


Simmy Sadoff, Recreationist

Bloorview Childrens Hospital

Not only was the program informative, but the bass playing was beautiful. The deep bass tones were even easy for our hard of hearing residents to hear! Touch Bass with Alan was definitely a unique program worth hearing!
Jenny Arwine, Director of Recreation Therapy
Brentwood North

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Your humor, musical skill, personal stories, and involvement of the audience (1,2,3,4 clap, etc.) made the afternoon a delight. 


Dennis Galetano, audience member

I was fascinated at how quickly the students warmed up to you and your instrument. You had the right blend of interesting anecdotes and demonstrations for children of this age. The frequent changes of pace, and the active involvement of the children in your performance, guaranteed success.


Barry Griffiths, Principal

Daystrom Public School

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