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“Alan performed at the Bernard Betel Centre, a non-profit community centre for seniors in Toronto, to a packed audience! The performance showcased stories from his life as a musician, recognizable songs, humour, audience participation and more. Travelling with a bass has it’s interesting stories and the audience loved to hear every minute of it. Alan knows how to engage a crowd and keep it entertained for the whole program. I would have Alan back at the centre at any time! It was unlike any other performers and the audience was still laughing after we left the room” –
Maria Lindgren – Program Director, Bernard Betel Centre
Not only was the program informative, but the bass playing was beautiful. The deep bass tones were even easy for our hard of hearing residents to hear! Touch Bass with Alan was definitely a unique program worth hearing!
 Jenny Arwine, Director of Recreation Therapy
Brentwood North

Your presentation was terrific. I could see you had the children captivated by the music and fascinated by the new things they were learning. The program was surely interesting and fun.


Simmy Sadoff, Recreationist

Bloorview Childrens Hospital

   Touch Bass with Alan

 A Musical Conversation

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